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video in HDMI out

Question asked by HankZ on Sep 4, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2012 by GuenterL

1) I need a video in/ HDMI out in a smaller package than the ADV7513/7511, which are QFP (footprint is 12x12mm).  The ADV7520 is LFCSP (footprint 9x9), which is just small enough to fit. But I see it is going EOL.


2) I also need only 75MHz data rate support, so again the 7520 looks attractive from a power standpoint (this is important here) as it operates at 80MHz, compared to the 165/225MHz of the ADV7513/7511.  I don't have 7520 power numbers, but for the 7513 the data sheet shows around 250mW. 

Side note - I would think if you ran the 7513 at 75MHz it would draw less power, but there's nothing in the data sheet that indicates this...


3) I do not need HDCP