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Discussion created by Skfir on Sep 3, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2012 by BrettG

Hello everybody, perhaps this topic exist already, but at least I haven't found it being stuck.


So meanwhile I would very like to see 2 things in SS:


1. Ground symbol, for grounding any unused inputs/outputs.

2. This is an important one. The SS has several sweep algorithms. They are all controlled by a mouse click. So if I need the sweep to run automatically every X milliseconds, I need either to add an additional MC to control the start of the sweep, or to carry a laptop and every time make a mouse click, or make a complicated scheme with VCO, logic, DC sources and so on. It would be great, if you guyz implement a control pin to sweep algorithms instead of mouse switch. And also if you made not only logarithmic one, but also a linear one.