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AD9889B : I2S audio input disables output ?

Question asked by shreekumar on Sep 3, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2012 by mattp

We are using the AD9889B chip in our system.  We have the video working at the moment. We are working on getting audio to work.


We are using a single I2S line (I2S0). I2S0, SCLK, LRCLK, and MCLK lines are connected. I2S is being driven with a stereo audio signal of 44.1 kHz


When the audio lines are active, then I observe that the AD9889B does not generate any output. We have a monitor connected to the HDMI output.  If a video is playing, then the monitor turns off. When the video stops playing (i.e. no audio), the monitor comes alive again.


I am unable to explain this behaviour.  Any ideas on why this might happen ?


For a start, I want the AD9889B to ignore any incoming audio. I tried to configure the chip to ignore audio (by setting Bit 5 of 0x0B to 1) -- but this does not yield not change the behaviour of the chip.