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still the problem about moving code into SDRAM

Question asked by twinboy on Sep 3, 2012
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I follow your advice ( and create a project to test the code working in SDRAM, but some problem come up.

I use 16MByte SDRAM, and custom partiton it into 3banks. The first and second bank is 4MByte,the third bank is 8MByte. If i allocate some data buffers in bank1, the code i move into SDRAM can work correctly. And than i allocate another data buffer in bank2, the code can't work and "__unknown_exception_occurred" come up in Disassembly window. Sequencer status is 00002021h. I look up the symbol map file, there is no symbol span in multiple sections. What cause this problem?


If i change the SDRAM in 64MByte size, than the code can work correctly.


the attachment is my test project.