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SPI Slave booting using software solution

Question asked by SMAM on Jul 6, 2009
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    I am using the SPI slave booting for bootloading the ADSP21369 using a microcontroller, where the ADSP21369 is the slave and microcontroller is a master. I am using the Software solution given in EE-177 (SHARC SPI slave booting). The SPI baud rate is 625 KHz


I am using the software solution based on EE-177 to pause the bootloading when the ADSP21369 is initialising the zero-init sections.


Can anyone please answer my questions below:


1)      Is the FINAL_INIT section the last section? Can there be any other sections after the Final init.


2)      How do we find the word count of the FINAL_INIT section.


3)      If I am using single processor, will there be a MULTI_PROC section?


4)      Should we initialise the core speed and SDRAM in the kernel or in the application code? What difference does it make?


Thanks very much.