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7612 Interrupt for detection of any audio format changes

Question asked by on Aug 31, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2012 by mattp

Hello experts,


I am trying to using a single interrupt of 7612 for detection any audio format changes. What I am using currently is a combination of NEW_AUDIO_INFO_ST, CS_DATA_VALID_ST, and AUDIO_MODE_CHNG_ST to detect the change of channel count, PCM or non-PCM, sample frequency, word lengths, etc.  While they are sufficient for my use cases, I am wondering if I can using only one of them.


According to my tests, it seems AUDIO_MODE_CHAG interrupts every time the audio changes. Even I change channel counts, AUDIO_MODE_CHNG interrupts as well. But according to page 102 of the User Guide, the AUDIO_MODE_CHNG indicates the change of the type of audio packet received. I am wondering if AUDUIO_MODE_CHAG is actually detecting more changes?


Thank you in advance.