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Video Playback on BF548

Question asked by SE.Eng on Aug 29, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2012 by SE.Eng

Hi there.


I'm having trouble playing videos on the BF548 EZ-Kit. I have loaded ucLinux onto the board, and am using mplayer to play an mp4 video. It plays, but the framerate is very low, probably <1fps. Also, the audio is really laggy too, since the video doesn't play at the full speed. The display attached to the board is what's listed in the manual:

     Sharp LQ043T1DG01 – 480 x 272, 4.3” touchscreen LCD

     Analog Devices AD7877 – touchscreen controller


As far as I know, I have the video drivers enabled in kernel. I have also noticed that when changing settings with alsamixer, the text is pretty corrupted in the mixer, but I am communicating with the board via serial, so maybe it's too slow for it to work properly...


So what I'd like to know is, how can one play videos properly on the BF548? Should it just work "out of the box" once a video player has been installed, or do I need to configure some other things as well? I'm completely new to doing things on the BF548, so it would be appreciated if someone could help.