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AD5755 Clear Code Register

Question asked by Gentilini on Aug 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2014 by JerryS


     I'm using AD5755 DAC with clear code funcionality. It is configured for 0V. The module is correctly configured and signal CLEAR is okey.

When I have a voltage output, per example 5V at output, after I remove module from backplane, CLEAR goes high and output goes to 0V. The problem is when I did this test several times. In some cases, output doesn't go to 0V and remains at 5V. It is a intermittent problem. Some times I have to remove 10 times to one error, and other times more than 20/30 times. In error situation, pin CLEAR goes high as expected and SW can't be responsible as there isn't power at microcontroller, only in DAC.

     So, is it an AD5755 internal problem  ?



Mateus Gentilini.