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What should ADAU1966 TDM16 waveform look like exactly??

Question asked by vstorm on Aug 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2015 by kmtaylor

I am trying to use TDM16 input mode on ADAU1966 and having no luck.


The datasheet does not give a complete waveform for what the device expects.  In fact, figure 15 seems to indicate it might even require 1 LRCLK pulse per slot (which make no sense at all).


Can someone please point me to a reference that shows the expected input waveform??


Specifically, I am trying to use TDM16 input with DLRCLK mode (internal PLL).  I also have an external BCLK available if needed, but would rather not use it.  Neither way works right now....