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EVAL-AD7634 - Stand-alone mode

Question asked by gabrielbrunheira on Aug 27, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2013 by awalshe

Hi everyone!


I wish to use the development kit EVAL-AD7634 as stand-alone mode. According to the datasheet (section "USING THE EVAL-AD762X/AD765X/AD766X/AD767XEDZ AS STAND-ALONE"):


When the CONTROL input to the gate array is LOW, which is pulled down by default, the gate array provides the necessary signals for conversion and buffers the conversion data.


It means that this CONTROL input must LOW when operating as stand-alone, right?


In this post:,


there is a discussion about how I'm controlling it in serial mode using a DSP. I would like to use the configuration switches from the evaluation kit. So the ADC HW/SW input (pin 25) must be high, correct? When the CONTROL input from the gate array is LOW and the pins MODE[0:1] from ADC are both HIGH, should the pin HW/SW be high? This is not what I'm getting here with the two boards I've acquired.


When I measure the voltage drop between the HW/SW and GND, I get 0V. But when I measure it between HW/SW and OVDD (3.3V), I also get 0V! And when it is between HW/SW and DVDD (5V), it's 1.3V.


Of course, the conversion and transmission aren't working properly.


Can anyone please help me with this?


Thanks in advance,