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Bayer pattern convertion

Question asked by Tommy on Jul 8, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2009 by gyi

ADI Support,


is there any for the BF561 optimized routine in assembler or ‘C’ routine that converts a Bayer Patter from a CMOS Sensor e.g. Micron MT9V024 into RGB format.


I could not find any optimized routine for BF561. My adapted ‘C’ source code from a PC routine needs about 75% of performance from the Core A when running on the DSP and this is much too much. The routine is very small and code runs from L1 memory. The raw bayer image from sensor is in L3 memory.


A value of 15% of Core ‘A’ performance usage would be the target.


Can you help us in this case getting an optimized routine converting Bayer Patter to RGB24 Bit for the DSP BF561!!!