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C sintax Visual DSP++ 5.0

Question asked by Nebojsa on Jul 5, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2009 by gyi

Hello all,


I am new to Visual DSP programming so I would like to ask one general question.

Where can I find reference manual for C sintax used in Visual DSP++ version 5.0.

I am using ADSP-BF538F EZ-Kit Lite. I have already looked in several documents (Visual DSP ++ 5.0 C/C++ Compiler and Library Manual for Blackfin Processors; Blackfin® Processor Programming Reference…) but I cannot find what I am looking for.

For example, I would like to use functions like “Trunc”, “Ord”, “Chr”... and so on, but I cannot find what can I use in Visual DSP. Maybe this is not the way how it should be done?


Sorry if I ask stupid questions, but does something like this exists in Visual DSP.


What I would like to do is following:


I have two arrays:

char ArrayH[25]; //Number of elements to sort

char PictureArray[200][100];       // 200x100 pixels = 19,53KB


I would like to create median filter function and apply it on PictureArray. But when I try to call something like:

PictureArray[x][y] = TRUNC( ( (ArrayH[ARRAY_MIDDLE] + ArrayH[ARRAY_MIDDLE-1]) / 2));

I get the worning message:

cc1080: {D} warning: Function does not have a full prototype --- and points it on TRUNC.

and then



[Error li1021]  The following symbols referenced in processor 'p0' could not be resolved:

        'TRUNC [_TRUNC]' referenced from '.\Debug\FilterAnalysis.doj'


Where can I find documentation regarding C sintax that Visual DSP is using?


Thank you for your help.