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Facing problem with AD7760

Question asked by b.k on Aug 24, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2012 by trioflex

Hello there.


I am trying to use the AD7760 chip with the same components and settings mentioned in its datasheet. A the first step, I am trying to check the output of the differential amplifier on the chip. In one input of the differential amplifier, I am giving 1V, 1kHz sine wave from a function generator and in the other input I am giving 1V, 1kHz sine wave with 180 phase from the other channel of the same function generator. In the differential output i expect to get two amplified signals of the opposite phase with some offset.


But I am getting attenuated and noisy signal with same phase. I dont really understand what is wrong.


I have attached the schematic that I am using to test the chip. 


Thank you!