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Kernel panics in VDK app

Question asked by Dferreira on Aug 24, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2012 by CraigG

Hi staff,

i'm creating an application with vdk in ADSP-BF533 EZ-KIT Lite rev 1.7, using visual dsp++ 5.0 uptade 10 .

The application follows the example pipelinedAudio (using quadraphonic mode) in Visual DSP.


In thread Relay i do some process: coder and decoder just right channel 1.

In other three channels just talkthrough.


When system heap is in L1, everything is ok.

But, to process another channels, i need more memory

then i changed system heap to L3 ( i enabled use of memory extern).


I added in init function of device driver AD1836 these codes:

     *pEBIU_SDGCTL = 0x0091998D;

    *pEBIU_SDBCTL = 0x25;

    *pEBIU_SDRRC = 0x00000406;


And i enabled optimization of speed using ezkit rev 1.7 and higher.


Well, the problem is when i do this, kernel panics occurs after some time.

In kernel status i have:

Code: kUnhandledException

Value: 0x24


But if i changed the mode to stereo (only two channels: right1 and left1), the kernel panic dont occur..

Is there any other configure modification in EBIU or SPORTs?

is there any solution for this?