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Starting audio programming with Blackfin processors

Question asked by darasan on Jul 3, 2009
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I would like to learn to develop audio software for the Blackfin processor. However so far I have only managed to get the talkthrough examples working!  I have only recently begun to learn about audio processing, mainly by using the open source PortAudio API on Windows, in C.  This is an easy to use API, with both blocking and non-blocking (callback) mechanisms for providing audio I/O. I have written a simple WAV player program that implements audio mixing, a 3-band equalizer and seeking in the audio buffer.


I want to know how I can apply what I have learned in Portaudio onto the Blackfin platform, for example: how is audio processed in the Blackfin, does it also use callbacks? How can I load a WAV file into memory on the Blackfin (I'm sure it can't be as easy as fopen, fread, malloc?) And how can I use the buttons on the Blackfin for user input, rather than scanning the keyboard for input as in Windows?


If anybody can provide some advice (or example code,books, tutorials etc) on moving from Windows C programming to Blackfin C programming, it would be really appreciated. I have a BF-535 EZ-KIT, but may soon upgrade to a BF-537, if I can make progress :-) .  Many thaks for your help.


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