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HDMI transmitter layout for best EMI (ADV7513)

Question asked by alexn on Aug 23, 2012
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In our design we have separate ESD protection and common mode chokes between the ADV7513 and the HDMI connector. My question is, what order should these components be placed in?


Conventionally, common-mode chokes go as close to the connector as possible, and you clear the ground plane from the connector up to half-way through the chokes to avoid noise coupling back onto the signal lines after they have been filtered by the chokes. However the ADV7513 Hardware guide under the section EMI Prevention says the opposite - chokes should be as close to the ADV7513 as possible. I've also seen a reference design from another manufacturer whether the order was transmitter chip -> chokes -> esd protection -> connector. If this is the correct way to do it, can anyone help me understand why?


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