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SigmaStudio plugin for end user gui

Question asked by MattLong8 on Aug 22, 2012
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I'm preparing to integrate SigmaDSP in to portable loudspeakers and eventually plan to have the devices controllable through a gui by the end user. I was reading a thread regarding DIY USBi ( and BrettG mentioned the possibility of a plugin for the development of such a gui. I feel that this feature would dramatically expand the usefulness for SigmaDSP and could allow it to dominate the market that is growing out of the DIY communities (such as and With smartphones, tablets, and laptops becoming more ubiquitous it make a lot of sense as a developer to have your new gadget be able to be controlled by such devices. For me having a GUI for the users isn't just a bonus, it's critical. But currently the development time seems too great. Is this something that AD: is actively considering? Actively working on? Close to beta testing? or not really in the works?


I would site the success of the miniDSP that was rapidly adopted by users all over the world. I believe the first company to create a platform and subsequent user base for end user gui development will corner the market that is still in it's infancy. As a system integrator I use DBX's driveware, or soundweb london run on a computer in the amp rack, controlled by my phone/tablet using screen sharing apps. I don't see that many people doing the same thing but I'm certain that will not last long.


Is there any comment that AD can officially or unofficially(email me) make on this subject.


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-Matt Long

San Francisco CA