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how stdio redirect to pci_io device?

Question asked by dean97 on Aug 23, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2012 by CraigG


   DSP:      tigersharc ts201

   Software: visualdsp4.0

   Target:   a pci device on the pci slot of my computer

   Os:       windowsxp


   I want to redirect stdio to my debugger's console,but i do not konw how the context

is switched between target and host(debugger),I desigened my device PCI_IO to take

place of PRIMIO device.the program also run into the _primio(), but i do not know how

to swtich the context to the host(my debugger with vc++ designed),is the memory on the

target board the media? the progress of the context switch confused me.can give me some


   i designed a MFC program,which dectect the pci device on my computer,and can load the

program to the target dsp,after load the dsp,it call a console as the io server to target

my perpose is make the target print() to my MFC's console not the visualdsp++ .i want to

konw how the host get the I/O information from target ,and how to send the result to target

i think when target go into primio(),how it detect whether a host(my debugger)is exist.can

my MFC make connection to the primio() with _loneSharc or _Godot?

   i have read the same question on blackfin directory, it use socket to get connection

from a mfc and the target and what the situation on tigersharc ?