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Dual ADAU1701 with selectable A or D input

Question asked by JoeSonic on Aug 22, 2012
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for a 3-way self powered loudspeaker system I need a couple of functions which I do not understand yet. We are using single ADAU1701 with analog inputs in various products but this seems to be a bit more complicated.

I need to split the signal flow onto two ADAU1701 because at 192kHz the program will be too long.

The first DSP should be the "input-chip". I should be able to switch between analog inputs and a digital input from a S/PDIF receiver with sample rate converter. How do I do the switching of the PLL in this case? I think I need to change the clock source, right? How will this look in the SigmaStudio File?

The first DSP contains a 3-way frequency crossover and some EQs and selectors. The 3 signals from the crossover need to be send digitally to the second DSP, where some EQs are used and limiters for all three ways, before the signals are send to the onboard DACs.

Can you give me some hints how to build something like a daisy chain for this?

The ADAU1701 are used in self-boot mode.

Thank you very much,