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Output noise level of ADAU1701?

Question asked by Nando.One on Aug 22, 2012
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Hi There!


I'm designing a power amplifier that uses ADAU1701 as processor. I'm at the stage of the electronic circuit design and I have one "stupid" question: Is the output noise of ADAU1701 small enough that I can connect the DAC output directly to the power amplifier without a potentiometer? The amplifier is high power (500W or more) and the loudspeakers are very sensitive, let's say 100 dB / W. So, any noise can be easily heard.


In case it is, I'll connect the DSP directly to the power amplifier and control the volume by software. Otherwise, I'll need an analog potentiometer between the DSP and the AMP, so DSP operates at 0 dBu and the potentiometer controls the volume by attenuating the signal, thus, eliminating the DAC noise as consequence.


Your input is highly appreciated. I'm currently designing the board, so that is very important right now.