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What is 3.21 signed format on ADE7880 Harmonic distortion

Question asked by karens on Aug 21, 2012
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I am new to ADE7880. We plan to use this metering IC on a new project.


On the data sheet, Rev. A, page 61, register VTHD, ITHD, harmonic distortion registers, it says "... VTHD, ITHD 24-bit registers in 3.21 signed format. This means the rations are limited to +3.9999 an all greater results are clamped to it...". I don't know what 3.21 signed format is, and how to convert the hex code to the real value (floating point value).


Also are there some application notes of ADE7880 I could download?


Thank you in advance for the help


Karen Shi