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problem with AD595

Question asked by Igor@21 on Aug 21, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2012 by ScottH

Hi everyone.

i connected AD595 with the basic connection single supply operation, base the next schematic my input is 13 v and not 5. my application is mesure

water temperature in the range of +20 - +60 deg. [c] .AD 595.jpg

I work in a very noise electrical environment with a circuit  that works with PWM (19 kHZ) from some resone i get very strange readins 10 -11 v. after i check i saw that pin 10 is feeling 11 v from no ware and its afecting the hole measure. i have try to use LPF in pin 14. i have try to use as suggested below


but nothing seems to help.

please anyone have idea how to solve this problem ???