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ADV212 code issues

Question asked by BillLiu on Aug 21, 2012
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I am using ADV212 to compress video. The work mode of ADV212 is CUSTOM-SPECIFIC. I prefer to Figure 26 of ProgrammingGuide_Rev2.0, while 32bit normal host mode replaces the DCS mode in my program. After I set EIRQFLG to 0xFFFF to begin encoding and read datas from compressed code-steam acess register, sometimes the datas are wrong, which are always random numbers, such as 0x7b6efff9, 0x6fefffd9 and maybe others. I think the working of ADV212 is instable, but I don't know why. Can you help me?


The encode parameters are:


reg32_adv212_iaddr = 0x00057F00;


reg32_adv212_idata = 0x04000503; //VFORMAT Custom-specific; PREC 8-bit;XFROMLEV 5 levels of transform; UNI Unipolar C,Unipolar Y

reg32_adv212_idata = 0x01000000; //CBSIZE 64*32; WKERNEL 9*7;Capture all fileds;Do not output attribute data

reg32_adv212_idata = 0x02000500; //RCTYPE = 0x02; TARGET QUALITY: Noticeable artifacts for busy images, visually lossless for soft images

reg32_adv212_idata = 0x00410002; //J2KPROG: LRCP; PICFG:HVF; QFACT = 0x00; COD_STYLE: jp2 formant