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How to connect an ADuC7024 to an Xbee radio

Question asked by TiagoR on Aug 20, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2012 by TiagoR

I'm trying to understand how I can connect (hardware)  the ADuC7024 on a Xbee. I need to know what pins: TX, RX, GND, VDD(3.3V) are available in the ADuC7024 to connect in the Xbee. You can see below an tutorial explain how you can connect an Arduino to an Xbee. I think the pin J3-1 (AVDD) it's already 3.3 V so I can connect in the VCC(3.3V) Xbee's Pin, that's right? But TX and RX I'm not sure. I think that I need to used GPIO pins. I think it will be something like:


GP1CON = 0x11 // Setup TX and RX pins on P1.0(Receive Data) and P1.1 (Transmit Data)




I just want a help. Is is configured correctly?


Thank you very much!!