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hardware exception occur

Question asked by jclin on Aug 20, 2012

hi ~

I have been develop on ADSP BF-561 ez-kit. For now I have some problem occur hardware exception which are :

Undefined instruction



May be used to emulate instructions that are not defined for a particular processor implementation.

Data access CPLB protection violation



Attempted read or write to supervisor resource, or illegal data memory access. Supervisor resources are registers and instructions that are reserved for supervisor use: supervisor only registers, all MMRs, and supervisor only instructions. (A simultaneous, dual access to two MMRs using the data address generators generates this type of exception.) In addition, this entry is used to signal a protection violation caused by disallowed memory access, and it is defined by the memory management unit (MMU) cacheability protection lookaside buffer (CPLB).


but I not sure why this exception happen.

In fact I declare lot of memory space in L1 & L2 memory .and the exception happen when I add some C code to deal the input image.such as :

*(csImage+i*width+j)    =n;

which csImage is declare in L2 memory;

and comes up the exception.


would you please give me advise ?

The attached is my c code file