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ADIS16334 Questions: footprint and mounting bracket

Question asked by ryan.k on Aug 19, 2012
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I have been working to integrate the ADIS16334 IMU with a design and have a few questions regarding the device.


First, I found a descrepancy between the mechanical drawings of the device and the "connector-down" mounting drawing given in AN-1146.  The spacing between the two mounting holes farthest from the connector is shown as 20.15mm BSC in the datasheet (fig 25).  In figure 8 of AN-1146 this distance appears to be 22.15mm-2.35mm = 19.8mm.  Can anyone confirm the correct dimension?  Fig 7 in the app note agrees with the datasheet so I would guess that 20.15mm is the right number.


Second, the mount hole diameters are called out in a strange way in figure 8 of AN-1146.  They are marked as both 2.75x2 and 2.40x4.  Which is correct/recommended?


My final question concerns the mounting bracket (ADIS16333X/BRACKET).  Does Analog produce/sell this device? If so, I need to get a mass estimate for these component.  Also, I would be interesting in pricing and lead time for this component.


Thank you for your help with these issues!


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Source documents:

ADIS16334 datasheet revision A

AN-1146 revision A



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