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BF537 software reboot troubles

Question asked by pfeifferc on Jun 30, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2009 by Andreas

hi !

i have a special command which is used to reset the prozessor and force a restart of my application

this reset is done within an ISR which receives ethernet frames&commands

reset is done by the following way

        *pSWRST=SYSTEM_RESET; //0x0007 ...trigger softw.reset         
         raise(1);  //force a machine reset


in most cases this works fine but sometimes i observe following behaviour:


i could be happen that my code "hangs" after "manual" reset and the watchdog resets me after the defined time.

so i dont know which parts hangs - i tried to debug it via connected leds on my board but this code is never reached

is there maybe a problem that function Init_System()  is in ext.SDRAM?





  checkStructures();  //only validate size of relevant structures to avoid misalignment/
    if((*pSWRST & RESET_WDOG)==RESET_WDOG)  // If reset is issued by WDT
       *pSWRST &= ~RESET_WDOG;
     clearSysState(); //wdCnt=0;




SEG_MOD_SLOW_CODE int Init_System(STATION_SETTINGS *stationSetting)
u32 result,ResponseCount;   // response counter
u32 cclk, sclk, vco;    // frequencies (note these are in MHz)
u32 pIVG;
u32 i;        //loop variable
int hw,error=INIT_OK;


    TurnOnLED(LED0); <-----NEVER REACHED