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color space conversion about AD9889B

Question asked by Jacky-zheng on Aug 17, 2012
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Ad9889B have a CSC mode which have "any-to-any" color space conversion capability,I use AD9889B to transform YCbCr422 to RGB444 successfully already.

I think YCbCr422 to RGB444 must have two steps:


step1:YCbCr422 to YCbCr444

step2:YCbCr444 to RGB444(use R0x18 to R0x2F)

And must set up R0x3B[0] to 1


My question is:

Question1:If I want to transform YCbCr422 to YCbCr444,Would I set up R0x3B[0] to 1?

Question2:Setting up registers to  achieve YCbCr444 to RGB444 is the same as  YCbCr422 to RGB444?


many thanks