Adjustable vs. fixed voltage option

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Some parts are available as fixed output voltage options. Can I adjust the output voltage anyway?

This is a question that comes up often with parts like the ADP2108, ADP2109 or ADP2138, ADP2139 that do not have an adjustable version available.


As a general rule if the the parts have a separate Vout sensing pin it is possible to change the fixed output voltage to have the part generate a higher output voltage.

For example the ADP2108 has a 1.8V version and a 2.3V version, but there is no 2.0V version.

In this case it is possible to use the 1.8V version with an additional 2 resistors to set its output voltage between 1.8V and 2.3V.


ADP2138 adj.png

The internal node impedance is around 400K (+/-30%) for a 2.5V output, so a Rb value around 4K is advisable to limit the error due to the variation of the internal divider. Calculate the value of Rt to achieve the desired output voltage (1.8V = Rb/(Rt+Rb) * Vout)


Additional information:

This is the nominal value of the FB impedance for the available preset voltages of the ADP2108/9:

1.0    160K

1.1    176k

1.2    192k

1.3    208k

1.5    240k

1.8    288k

1.82  291k

2.3    368k

2.5    400k

3.0    480k

3.3    528k