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Type/Length Field Byte Swap Operation in Ethernet Frame sent by BF537

Question asked by tamirci on Aug 16, 2012
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I m using BF537 DSP to send layer-2 packets over network interface. My target application running on intel-linux computer could not get any data therefore i investigated frames captured by wireshark. what i found is that type/length field of ethernet frame subject to byte swap operation for some reason. I mean i m wiritng type/length field of frame 0x402=1026 but i seeing it as 0x204=516 at target machine. I m seeing target machine diffenetly captures whole frame as seen bytes in wire as 1040 bytes. I m halting processor and checking type/length field of buffer and seeing it correct as 0x402. I run the same code on ez kit lite it behaves the same.


Do you have any idea about why byte swap operation happens on type/length field of ethernet frame?


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