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ADE7763 VRMS Register to Actual Vrms Conversion

Question asked by umeshwalkar on Aug 16, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2012 by hmani

Hi Everyone,


I am not able to understand how to convert the VRMS 24-bit register value into actual Vrms voltage.


Currently if i consider all default settings of ADE7763 values.


if I am receiving max. approx. VRMS Register value 1,561,400 d (0x17 D338).

then how can i make the calculation to represent this value in actual Vrms value.

considering V2P-V2N is 0.5V.


Please help me to understand this.


In actual experiment I am giving AC 0.302V at V2P-V2N (no load at V1P-V1N); I am receiving 0x174173 (last 4173 is fluctuating) from VRMS register.

what could be then actual VRM value.