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Understanding AD9920A configuration

Question asked by Kurtis on Aug 15, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2012 by EBarnes


  We are looking to replace our current CPLD + CCD signal processor with an AD9920A.  Our application is a monochrome, real time machine visioning system (using a Sony ICX408AL) and from what I can read we will not need most of the features of the AD9920A.  I am somewhat new to CCD's so please bear with me.


- In reading up on how to configure the V-sequences, V-patterns, fields and regions, I think we will only 1 of each of these.  For our application, all our scans are exactly the same.  However, is there a white paper or something that discusses more about V-sequences, V-patterns, etc so that I can really understand these features?


- Also, is there anyway to get the current line count value OUT of the AD9920A as it is running?  For our application it is imperative to know if we have missed a line on the CCD.


Thanks in advance.