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SHARC debuging spi-slave booting

Question asked by Martin on Jun 29, 2009


I'm trying to debug how my adsp-21371 boots in spi-slave mode. I do the following:

  1. I connect my debugger with the target. The PC stands at 0x90005 and the memory is filled with nops.
  2. run
  3. I pull the nRESET-Pin of the DSP down and then let it high again. The bootCFG-Pins are both low (spi-slave-mode).
  4. stop
  5. Now I would expect to see the spi-registers as they are described in the processor's manual:
    SPICTL = 0x4d22, SPIDMAC = 0x7,...
    BUT I see:

    SPICTL = 0x0400 and SPIDMAC = 0x7 :-(

    Receiving words from the SPI doesn't work with these register-values.
  6. When I send the first 0x180 32-bit words after reset, I see the same.
  7. When I manually load the loader AND set the registers to the right values, booting works.

What do I wrong?

Does the nRESET-Pin not work, when the debugger is connected?

Do the BOOTCFG-Pins have no influence?

Does the debugger change registers in the stop-command?


Please help,