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ADL5380 Input Power Absolute Maximum Rating

Question asked by daedalus on Aug 14, 2012
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I am using the ADL5380 in a design which may be subjected to large input signals, up to 25dBm.  For this reason I am currently looking into implementing a protection circuit which will limit the input to below 15dBm which is the absolute maximum input rating for the ADL5380.   


Could you tell me what the failure mechanism at high input powers is for this port?  Will the chip be damaged thermally or is this an electrostatic problem caused by reverse biasing the RF input base / emitter?


Also, how was the absolute maximum input rating determined for the ADL5380?


Would the ADL5380 be able to withstand 25dBm input powers for any length of time?  I am considering an active power limiter but this will have a delay before it kicks in.


Thanks for the help.