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Need Help with v4l2 in linux device driver for adv7403

Question asked by shravan on Aug 14, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2012 by larsc

Hi all,

           Im trying to write a linux device driver ADV7403. ADV7403 interfaces with the BeagleBoard-xM Rev.C which contains DM3730 processor..

Communication between ADV7403 and BeagleBoard for configuring ADV7403 is I2C.... So far the I2C section works fine... I had asked regarding this in the following blog which was very helpful... But the registration part of the driver is done in the manner given below..


static int __init adv7403_mod_init(void)



  int err;

  struct i2c_client *client;

  struct i2c_adapter *adapter;


  struct i2c_board_info info = {

    .type = "adv7403",

    .addr = ADV7403_I2C_ADDR,



  err = i2c_add_driver(&adv7403_driver);

  if(err) return(err);

  adapter = i2c_get_adapter(2);

  if (!adapter) return -EINVAL;

  client = i2c_new_device(adapter, &info);

  if (!client) return -EINVAL;






But i was not so successful in listing out hardware information in device specific files as given in the blog for which the link is mentioned above...


If it is possible to do the device registration with respect to v4l2 in the device driver itself, how it can be done...


thanking you,

Shravan Kulkarni


P.S:- For reference im referring to adv7180 device drivers since the hardware part of ADV7403 and ADV7180 w.r.t SD video signal is the same....