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How do I re-open a reference to a currently running BF561 process?

Question asked by jcohen on Aug 13, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2012 by CesarLu

I had previously asked a question about loading a program and have successfully done so using the LabVIEW ActiveX features.  If I power on the EZ-Kit Lite hardware, and send the following object references and functions, I can load an run the software.


1. Open reference to ADspApplication

2.  Create a session (AdspSessionList)

3.  Get the Processor List (ADspDebugSession.ProcessorList)

4.  Select the processor (ADspProcessorList.Item)

5.  Load the program (ADspProcessor.LoadProgram)

6.  After loading, I can run the Processor and see the application function using the Serial Port (ADspProcessor.Run).


After I do run some functions and want to go back to either reload the program or get data from RAM, I can no longer connect to the processor.  The process freezes when I try to Open a new reference to ADspApplication. 


I am currently working on trying to run an automated script that will allow us to load the program, configure the device under test, and then read the data out of memory.  It currently seems that after I try to reconnect via JTAG to the EZ-Kit Lite, that the processor is halted and the only way I can connect, is by powering off the EZ-Kit Lite board, disconnecting the USB cable, manually stopping the Idde.exe processor from the Task Manager, and then starting over.  I do not see any of these issues if I manually open VisualDSP++ 5.0 update 10 and use the menu's. 


Hopefully this is clear as to what the issue is.