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Question related with BF547 ANOMALY_05000500

Question asked by dpenev on Aug 11, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2012 by sonic

Hi Gents,


We are testing a new board based on BF547.
As a base we use the uboot for the ADI BF548 EZ-Kit board


Our uboot steady hangs on:

CPU:   ADSP bf547-0.2 (Detected Rev: 0.4) (spi flash boot)

Board: ADI BF548 EZ-Kit board


Clock: VCO: 375 MHz, Core: 375 MHz, System: 93.750 MHz

RAM:   64 MiB



We are using the NFC and have few devices on the Asynchronous Memory Interface (Ethernet chips, ISDN framers etc.)

Apparently what we hit now is not ANOMALY_05000500 related but my quick check around this issue made me found the  ANOMALY_05000500.

And from what I understood there is still not good workaround for u-boot and uClinux.


Does it mean you suggest that NFC should not be used in case AMC is required for other devices?

Do you suggest we move to the old driver for the nand flash on Asynchronous Memory Interface or is there a software solution?

We already have few boards manufactured.


Please advice.