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ADXL203 output voltage

Question asked by on Aug 11, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2016 by STallur


We are using ADXL203 in our product. We are using the IC for inclination measurement.


We have implemented the circuit as metioned in the datasheet. But we are observing the difference in output votages when we compare the voltage outputs of two channels (X and Y).


According to the datasheet (Page no 3) -

0 g Voltage at XOUT, YOUT = 2.5V

Our understanding of this specification is that when the IC is stationary and horizontal to the earth surface, the output voltage on pin no 6 and 7 should be 2.5V. But according to our observation,

Voltage at pin 6 (channel X) = 2.07V

Voltage at pin 7 (channel Y) = 1.62V


Can anybody please confirm this understanding?