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how to design AD9954 output circuits?

Question asked by iamgodtadie on Aug 11, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2012 by sitti

    I need to design a sin signal generator with AD9954. The signal frequency is between 10Hz and 1MHz. Most time, it's not more than 100kHz. I made reference to the AD9954 eval board schematic. The DAC output pin(Pin20 ,pin21)connect with a RF Transfer (T2 or T3 ), and its -3dB wideband is 80kHz to 200MHz, out range of my expected signal.So I can not use it in my design and I assert there is no general RF transfer that works in my expected range.

     I expect the signal like signal.png.and the Vpp is 1V,because according to AD9954 DATASHEET, "the DAC output compliance range is AVDD+0.5V to AVDD-0.5V, and the output current is not more than 10mA".

     I wonder if can I use a differential amplifier connect to the DAC output directly to achieve my goal。If it can work,how to chose the resistors' values to achieve the expect peak- to-peak  voltage while keep the safe of AD9954.