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BT656 input and generate SD NTSC composite video output...

Question asked by mwfortner on Aug 10, 2012
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I have a customer that requires a simple video encoder that will take a BT656 input and generate a standard def NTSC composite video output.


It does not look like ADI has an encoder that is this simple, so the customer has decided to design with the ADV7342/43.


What he wants to know is whether or not he can simply use the schematic shown on pg 75 of the datasheet, feeding SD pixel data in 656 format with 'embedded EAV/SAV' to pins S7-S0 and 27MHz clock to CLKinA (as per page 48)?


Please advise if this is possible, or if you can provide a simpler part that may accomplish the same objective.


Thanks in advance for your help.