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EVAL-ADT7x10EBZ, USB driver installation issue?

Question asked by jtapay on Aug 10, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2012 by jtapay

Using installation program (before EVAL-ADT7x10EBZ connected to USB port)

ADT7x10 Evaluation Software Install_V1_3.exe

No error.

in subdirectory Analog Devices\ADT7x10 Evaluation Software

    folder FX2 Firmware  is installed

    and ADT7x10 Evaluation Software.exe


Upon connecting to USB port the driver does not install (error ...necessary software not found...)

in Device Manager

Device Instant Id



Files installed for USB driver by ADT7x10 Evaluation Software Install_V1_3.exe :

\windows\inf\ADT7x10.inf        (VID and PID same in Device Manager))

\windows\inf\ezusbw2k.inf      (this .inf for a different board, why is it present??)



(system registry was cleared of any keys that reference  device VID/PID above before running

ADT7x10 Evaluation Software Install_V1_3.exe






What is missing? Thanks ...