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SS/DD - Using adi_spi as stackable driver on other devices

Question asked by velsen on Jun 24, 2009
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Im using System service/ Device driver for my proj(using BF526). I have two peripherals accessed via spi. Let say one is a codec(say on SSEL5) and another one is an ADC(on SSEL6). I want to create my own device driver for these device using the same architecture as ADI.


But the problem starts by adi_pdd_open() for each of the above mentioned devices . Since these devices need to have an exclusive access to SPI but BF526 has only one physical SPI, so while opening the codec driver and ADC driver how can I stack the spi driver into them? In the adi_pdd_open() for each device should I open the SPI with the same device number namely "0", since BF526 has only one physical SPI. Or how should this be handled ?


Any inputs on this front would be of great help.