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Muxout of the ADF4153

Question asked by solrcarlos on Aug 10, 2012
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Hi! I came here a couple of days ago asking about the ADF4153.


Thank you once more for your support. But now I have something else.This time is about the Muxout set up.


I have seen in others discussions that the Muxout of this component has some limitations, my problem is that I am not able to set it to DGND or 3-State. It always shows me some voltage around 1.6 V. And there is nothing connected to its pin.


The locking is ok, but I can't put it to DGND or 3-state, why?!



  • VCO frequency: 1635.5 MHz
  • Channel Spacing: 250 KHz
  • Reference: 10 MHz (Ref Doubler ON)
  • Phase Detector Polarity: Negative
  • Load Control: Normal
  • LD Precision: 24



  •     Registers[3]=0x000383;
  •     Registers[2]=0x001902
  •     Registers[1]=0x7040A1;
  •     Registers[0]=0x14806C;


ps.: When I set it to DVCC I get 2.6 as expected.


Thank you!!