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Porting software from VDSP 3.0 to VDSP 5.0

Question asked by ved on Aug 10, 2012
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We have a product developed in early 1990s on SHARC ADSP21060 using Visual DSP V3. We wish to use the new VDSP++ V5, running on a new Win7 PC for further maintainance of this software. The details of the old IDE that was used for previous development of product are like this:


Visual DSP++ version

Compiler v6.0.4

Assembler v2.1.0.0





1. Is it possible to migrate from Visual DSP++ v3 to v5 without making any changes to the code?

2. If not what is the right way to do it?

3. Would migrating cause any changes in the behavior of the firmware?

4. Is it possible to run VisDSP++ v3 on newer PCs running Windows 7 and be able to compile, download & debug code.


Thanking in advance,