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LabVIEW ActiveX ADspProcessor Object

Question asked by jcohen on Aug 8, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2012 by CraigG

I have been trying to automate the loading of a program onto the Blackfin 561 Development board (Blackfin EZ-Lite) using LabVIEW.  I have successfully loaded the program (*.dxe) using a series of property nodes and invoke nodes.  After loading the program, i use the VisualDSP.IADspProcessor.Run object to start running the program.  I can see the program is running but the LabVIEW vi does not continue out of this invoke node.  There is a wait parameter that needs to be identified but this is where my question lies.  


The help for this property defines the wait parameter to be True/False, however, the LabVIEW invoke node is expecting 32-bit integer (number).  How does this number translate to True/False.  I have tried both 0 and 1 as the input, but was unsuccessful to stop this property without going into Task Manager and killing the IDDE process.  I want to be able to run the processor after this command is completed;  Therefore, I am looking for this to be "False" where this step does not wait until the processor is halted.


Additionally, it seems that this entire object is the same for all processor functions (Halt, Reset, Run, ...).  I am hoping if I fix this for 1 of the properties, that all will fall into place.


Image attached to show LabVIEW steps