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Problems with PVP

Question asked by Sturmac on Aug 8, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2012 by rkarthik

Hi it's me again,


I was bored trying using the pixel compositor so i decided to play with the PVP. But as always, i have some problems (i know i am really bad with the BF609). To try to understand my problems, i just modify the "BF609_Convolution" example by submiting 2 buffers in the input stream and 2 buffer and the output stream. If i look which address i pass to the PVP and which address return the callback, i see this :


Submit Input 0xFF900DC0

Submit Input 0xFF900F50

Submit Output 0xFF902058

Submit Output 0xFF9021E8


Input Callback 0xFF900DC0

Output Callback 0xFF902058

Output Callback 0xFF902058

Input Callback 0xFF900DC0


So i think something like "pDMAData->pProcessedQ = pDMAData->pProcessedQ->pNext;" is missing in the "StreamCallback" method of the PVP driver.


If i Modify the driver and look at what is stored in output buffers, I see that the first buffer is entirely process but the second one is partially processed (the end of the buffer passed in input is stored a the beginning at the start of the buffer passed in output).


What could cause this problem?