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AD7606-6 Digital Data Output Value Calculation

Question asked by lizajake on Aug 7, 2012
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Dear All,


This is regarding AD7606-6 and AD7606-4 ADCs. These ICs have been configured to generate digital output in parallel mode for the given input voltages from -10V to +10V.


The RANGE pin is maintained at logic high but the output is spanning only +/-5V only. The values for Vin greater than +/-5V remains at 7FFF only.


The control signals for the ADCs are configured through I2C interface using I2C Expander IC, as below.


OS[2:0] = 000



CS/ = 0


PAr/SER/BYTE SEL - pulled to ground through 1k resistor

STBY - pulled to +5V through 1k resistor

REF SELECT - pulled to ground through 1k resistor


Kindly guide as to why this  is happening. Should there be any other configurations be made?


A part of the code and schematic for ADC and I2C Expander is attached.





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