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Developing Sigma DSP Cluster

Question asked by JeanFernandes on Jun 28, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2009 by BrettG

Hi sirs


First, I 'm searching for people that uses the Sigma DSP (I trying to use AD1940).

My first project is to develop a AD1940 cluster to perform and audio routing system (with some improved features).

The basic project concept is :



The idea is to put all of them on same board.

Some questions:


a) Is it possible to wire the Audio Input Codec (as master) on 6 DSP without glue logic ?


b) And about the Master Clock ? Usually I use a hibrid square wave clock up to 3 chips. What glue logic is really necessary to

this project ?


c) Is it possible to draw the board just using 2 layers ?


d) I need to put audio compressor on all inputs and I saw that the curve has 32 points, but I dont know how to map an HMI user interface

to control all points of this block. My boss suggest me annotate several curves and list them to user choose (its a simple manner but ....)


e) If I use the TDM channel (to simplify design) what the maximum sampling rate (I suppose that is 48 Khz).


f) I will develop the controller firmware using C (ARM7). Does anyone has an SDK to control the IC's 1940 and 1939 (using SPI) ?




Jean Fernandes

Using Eval Mini AD1940 Evb to test.