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ADUC7034 Diagnostic current source

Question asked by amusin on Aug 7, 2012
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The analog circuitry is very simple to clarify the issue.

Both IIN+ and IIN- pins are connected to GND.

ADC0CON = 0x8000; // (ADC enabled, Gain = 1).



ADC's data are about 0. It's OK.


Then I switch on the IIN+ current source (50 uA).

ADC0CON = 0xA000;

I suppose that the ADC data will be the same (see above, IIN+ and IIN- pins are shorted).

In reality ADC data are 2380...2430 (I've got 2 PCBs).


ADC data are inversed (-2380) when the IIN- current source is switched on.

ADC0CON = 0xC000;


I read "Current ADC Diagnostics" chapter and tried other gains: 2, 4, and 8.

ADC data is scaled by corresponding factor.


My question - what is the strange 2400 data?