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cascading DSPs

Question asked by Rasterjannik on Aug 6, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2012 by Rasterjannik

Hi you all,


I am new to SigmaDSP. I have to do some processing with one stereo signal. So I had the idea to use an ADAU1701, analog in, analog out, which would be easy. I have an eva-board with an ADAU1701 and all works fine.


Than I've seen that there is not enough memory on it, because I need reverb. So I found the ADAU1446. Now I want to use a 1701 as analog input and for some minor works, transfer the data via I2S to a 1446 and later via I2S back to the 1701 or to a second 1701 for last processing and analog out. The 1446 shall get the XTAL and give the buffered clock to the 1701(s).


The DSPs shall work in selfboot mode. I have a controller with I/O lines, so it will be no problem to boot them one by the other from different EEPROMs.


Could that work or have I not seen a trap, an important obstacle? Making a pcb is expensive and I will try to make it work in one shot.


Another question - I need the flanger, but my SigmaStudio has none. Where can I've lost it? Reverb I've found choosing the 1446, but even then there is no flanger.


Kind regards